steel framed buildings

Steel buildings help businesses cope with future challenges

There’s no denying that for many businesses, current marketplace is incredibly challenging. Whilst many are finding things very tough, others are having to manage rapid expansion. Structural steel buildings can help businesses meet a wide range of challenges; offering a cost-effective, efficient way to create the additional space, whilst also offering a robust, long-term way to increasing the size of your business premises.

At Steelwork Engineering we are experts in the design, manufacture and construction of all types of structural steelwork for buildings. Our expertise covers everything from small retail units and agricultural buildings, through to large industrial units and warehouses.

We will use our expertise to help you plan and create the extra space you need, often at a significantly lower cost than traditional bricks-and-mortar building.

Here are just a few examples of the benefits of extending your business premises with a steel framed building:

• Steel is incredibly versatile and thanks to it’s unbeatable strength-to-weight ratio, can be used to create buildings with large, open-span spaces.
• The components required to build a steel framed building are designed and manufactured off-site. This means that construction times are significantly reduced, helping to slash the overall cost of the project.
• Steel is low-maintenance and unlike wood, concrete or bricks, will not warp, crack or corrode.
• Steel buildings are also adaptable and are easy to extend or alter at a later date, providing a versatile, ‘future-proof’ option.

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