steel fabrication

Steel fabrication: the basics

Steel fabrication is simply the process which is used to manufacture separate steel components which, once they have been assembled and joined together, form a complete steel frame. Steel frames can be made from either standard sized steel sections, or if standard section sizes aren’t appropriate, fabricated sections can be manufactured to order.

The way in which steel sections are fabricated has changed a great deal over the years and whereas once a tape measure would be used, the majority of steel section manufacturers now use computer aided design and detailing.

Computer aided design (CAD) is software which is used to design each section and is linked directly to CAD controlled machinery on the factory floor. Not only does the use of CAD dramatically increase the speed of manufacture, it also offers huge benefits in terms of accuracy and quality.

Steel fabrication services from Yorkshire-based Steelwork Engineering

At Steelwork Engineering we manufacture a wide range of steel portal frames, steel extensions and pitched roof buildings, ready to be erected on site. Suitable for the construction of everything from small agricultural buildings through to shopping centres and industrial units, our steel fabrication services have been developed to offer our customers reliability, quality and efficiency.

Alongside our steelwork fabrication and installation services, we also provide a design and build service which has the potential to help you make significant savings during the pre-build phase of your project. Our team of designers and draughtsmen have the expertise to design your building for you and because they are experienced of working with SES, you’ll have the reassurance of knowing the relevant standards will be met.

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