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The role of steel in the circular economy

The concept of a circular economy is simple: resources are used for as long as possible to extract maximum value, before materials and products are recovered and regenerated to be used once again.

So how does steel construction fit in? Steel has unparalleled circular economy credentials and because it is has long been valued as a material which is strong, durable, versatile and recyclable, it is unique.

A circular economy promotes products with long lives. Instead of investing in cheap, disposable products, the circular economy maintains products at their highest value and utility for as long as is possible. As a result, the longer a product lasts then the fewer raw materials will be required, leading to a reduction in waste. Not only are steel construction products intrinsically durable and will last a very long time, they can also be successfully reused once their first life is over.

Recyclable, flexible, versatile steel

‘Recyclability’ is an important component of a circular economy and steel is 100% recyclable and is currently the most recycled industrial material on the planet. Steel can be recycled without loss of quality and although all new steel could be made from recycled steel, this isn’t possible due to insufficient supplies of scrap.

Yet another essential component of a circular economy is a reduction in the amount of materials required. Steel is lightweight yet strong which means that significantly fewer materials are required to construct steel framed buildings. Flexibility and adaptability are also essential; because steel fabricated buildings can be constructed to provide flexibility through designs created to allow for easy rearrangement of internal layout, this further confirms steel’s place in the circular economy.

steelwork building installations

Steel framed building installation services

Here at Steelwork Engineering we specialise in the design, manufacture and installation of steel framed buildings. The installation stage of a project is incredibly important, not least because the end result is the outward face of our services. Ensuring efficient installations is incredibly important to us. This is why we’re so proud of our highly trained and experienced installation team who work closely with our clients to ensure that construction safe and carried out on time and on budget.

Steelwork installation services from the steel building specialists

Regardless of whether we’re installing an extension to an existing premises or constructing a warehouse, our installation services are carried out safely and in line with current Health & Safety legislation. Each member of our team of site operatives is fully CSCS compliant, providing you with reassurance that you’re in safe hands.

Problem free installations result from positive client relationships

The team here at Steelwork Engineering are very proud of the close working relationships we have with our clients and site trade contractors. Our commitment to building positive relationships enables us to plan and execute each installation with the minimum of fuss and disruption.

We use a range of installation techniques and equipment including mobile cranes and cherry pickers, and it’s this versatility which enables us to avoid problems where possible. However, should an unexpected problem arise, we’ll use our installation team’s combined experience of over 100 years to overcome it!

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steelwork building installations

Did you know that our steel construction services can help you cut costs and reduce build time?

Steel fabrication services

At Steelwork Engineering the design, manufacture and construction of steel portal frames forms the majority of our business. However, we also specialise in producing the high quality secondary steelwork and metalwork products which play an important part in the construction of steel framed buildings. Here’s a brief overview of our products and services:

• Installing mezzanine flooring is the ideal way to create additional space whilst keeping costs as low as possible. Mezzanine flooring makes the most of unused space you already have and is perfect for a wide range of different uses including stock storage, warehousing, space for additional equipment, office space and more.
• Walkways and gantries are essential for gaining access to the mezzanine floors, plant areas, platforms and escape routes which are an essential element of any industrial unit.
• Internal and external staircases can be designed and built to suit almost any retail, industrial and commercial building.
• Steel fire escapes are an essential requirement for all multi-storey buildings. The steel fire escapes we design, build and install are fully complaint with building regulations and provide a safe escape route in the event of a fire.
• Adjustable racking is ideal for organising and maximising the efficiency of storage areas, warehouses, builders’ yards and more. Our racking systems are available in a wide range of sizes, including bespoke systems.
• Canopies and sign towers can be used to provide protection from the elements or to publicise your business.

Our products are cost-effective and offer a high quality way to maximise the potential of your business whilst keeping costs to a minimum. Why not get in touch to find out more or to discuss your unique requirements?

industrial steel walkway

Adaptable steel ensures businesses are ready for change

There’s no doubt that the current marketplace is incredibly challenging and although many businesses are finding things difficult, others are looking for ways to cope with rapid expansion. Structural steel buildings provide solutions to a range of challenges; providing a cost-effective, efficient way to create extra space whilst providing a durable, long-lasting way to increasing the size of your business premises.

At Steelwork Engineering we are experts in the design, manufacture and construction of all types of structural steelwork for buildings, from small retail units and agricultural buildings, through to large industrial units.

We will use our expertise to help you plan and create the extra space you need, often at a significantly lower cost than traditional bricks-and-mortar building. Here are just a few examples of the benefits of extending your business premises with a steel framed building:

  • Steel is incredibly versatile and thanks to it’s unbeatable strength-to-weight ratio, can be used to create buildings with large, open-span spaces.

  • The components required to build a steel framed building are designed and manufactured off-site. This means that construction times are significantly reduced, helping to slash the overall cost of the project.

  • Steel is low-maintenance and unlike wood, concrete or bricks, will not warp, crack or corrode.

  • Steel buildings are incredibly adaptable and are easy to extend or alter at a later date, providing a versatile, ‘future-proof’ option.

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steel framed building construction

Steel – the go-to solution for your construction project?

Steel offers a wide range of benefits to the construction industry because it is safe and sustainable, lightweight yet strong, cost effective and high quality. As such, using steel has become the preferred method of construction the majority of the construction projects our society depends upon. The past thirty years has seen steel become the most popular framing option for a diverse range of building projects, from large, multi-storey buildings, through to warehouses, agricultural buildings, schools, shopping centres and museums.

Although the construction industry’s preference for steel is still a relatively new phenomenon, there’s one factor which hasn’t altered in all building projects: cost. Just like the wider world, the construction industry is focussed upon the goal of quality and value for money and this is where steel is proving invaluable. Whilst the small upfront development costs and sustainability benefits of using steel might initially seem quite minor, they are now seen as adding up to provide long-term cost advantages.

Furthermore, steel is increasingly being seen the construction framing solution of choice for the UK construction industry, with more than 90% of single storey buildings now framed with steel, and over 70% of multi-storey projects. As a result, steel construction in the UK is the most technically advanced and successful in the industrialised countries of the world.

Safety is, of course, of paramount importance to the construction industry and using steel is now recognised is inherently safer than other forms of construction. There are two main reasons for this: the first is the all steel components are manufactured off-site in carefully controlled conditions to enable exacting tolerances, and steel frames are construction on-site by teams of highly skilled and experienced erection specialists.

Last and by no means least, steel construction offers more flexibility in comparison to concrete, for example. As a result, steel-framed buildings are easily extended or altered with a minimum of fuss and disruption, whilst avoiding the need for potentially environmentally harmful redevelopment.

structural steel

Design and build services from Steelwork Engineering

Alongside our wide product range which includes mezzanine flooring, steel staircases, balustrades, fire escapes and more, we also offer a complete design and build service. Developed over our thirty years of experience in steel fabrication and manufacturing, our design and build service can help you make significant savings during the pre-build phase.

Steelwork design services Yorkshire

We take great pride in working closely with our clients. During the design stage of your project our team will use the latest in TEKLA X – Steel 3D software to product professional drawings, whilst our expertise covers building projects of all types and sizes.


All steelwork elements are cut, fabricated and finished in our state-of-the-art workshop in Yorkshire before being delivered to your site. Off-site manufacturing offers a number of advantages: precision is ensured, reducing delays on site, whilst also helping to reduce construction time.


We have a highly experienced installation team who are all fully certified with CSCS, IPAF, Appointed Persons and PASMA.

steel fabrication services

Is the steel the ultimate sustainable construction material?

Thanks to steel’s material properties it is now widely recognised as the leading sustainable construction material. Because steel has a superior strength-to-weight ratio, only a relatively small amount is required to create innovative designs. In addition, zero and low carbon buildings which have high BREEAM ratings (Buildings Research Establishment’s Environmental Assessment Method) can be easily achieved with steel construction.

In this week’s blog post we’ll begin to cover what makes steel the ultimate sustainable construction material. There’s a lot to get through though so our next post in two weeks time will cover a number of other factors including adaptability and the minimisation of on-site and local impacts.

Recyclable steel

Steel is made from iron which is the most plentifully available material. In addition it can be reused or recycled an unlimited number of times without compromising on quality. Thanks to these unique characteristics, steel offers a high value during all stages of its life cycle. Furthermore, there is a highly developed and extremely efficient recovery infrastructure in place for steel recycling. As a result, 99% of structural steelwork is recovered for recycling from UK construction sites – a far higher percentage than any other construction material. When we say that steel is ‘recycled’ it really as as scrap steel is used to substitute primary steel, unlike many other materials used in construction which are ‘downcycled’ and used for lower grade applications.

The steel fabrication processes

The steel components used in construction are manufactured in a controlled environment such as the fabrication factory we have here at Steelwork Engineering. As a result, quality is assured and traceability can be designed to match the specific requirements of every project. When created in this sort of environment, it is easy to standardise, test and certify all components. This means that any waste material which is produced during the fabrication process such as swarfe or off-cuts, can be recycled so that they’re used again when making other components.

Speedy construction

Steel makes it possible to build buildings quickly and this is a quality which has helped to make it the leading framing material for the UK’s construction sector. Shorter construction times equal less time on site which, in turn, equal less disruption and disturbance. In addition, steel components require fewer on-site deliveries whilst it is also relatively clean and quiet to erect.

steel framed building construction

Steel provides a cutting edge solution for new museum building

London’s renowned Victoria & Albert Museum (V&A) was founded way back in 1852 and it’s premises in South Kensington boasts a staggering collection of more than 2.3 million artefacts. The V&A has embarked on what is being described as one of the world’s most important cultural projects with the construction of two new sites in Stratford, east London.

Due to open in 2024, what will be known as the V&A Storehouse will aim to give visitors an immersive experience by taking them behind the scenes and offering access to more of the museum’s vast collections. V&A East will open the following year with aim of celebrating making and creativity from around the world. The V&A’s new buildings will form part of a new £1.1bn development scheme which focusses upon culture, innovation, education and growth and is being constructed as part of the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.

Maximising the benefits of steel building construction

V&A East will be founded on piled foundations with a steel frame which is an essential element of the intricate design of the building. Steel is proving to be the ideal building material for this project as one of the requirements of the brief is the need for flexible internal spaces, with long open spans which are strong enough to bear the weight of exhibits which may be hung from above.

However, it’s the building’s façade which is certain to ensure that it stands out from other buildings in the area. With a design inspired by a 1950s evening dress, the ‘pleated’ façade will consist of seven steel nodes which will provide support the exterior’s glazed and precast cladding.

Steel will also be a feature of the building’s interior which will have five floors, two steel mezzanine floors and a plant deck on the sixth level. Because the cores will be slightly offset, there will be just one row of internal columns inside the building, allowing for clear floor spans of up to 16 metres. In addition, the majority of the internal steel work will remain exposed, with decorative paint finishes applied to provide intumescent fire protection.

This is certainly an impressive project and it’s interesting to see how the benefits of steel construction are being used to maximum effect, helping to create large internal spaces and an eye-catching external structure.

steel spiral stair access

Did you know that we make bespoke architectural metalwork?

Here at Steelwork engineering we have decades of experience in the design, manufacture and installation of a full range of architectural metalwork products. From staircases and canopies, through to walkways and balconies, we offer durable, cost-effective solutions for building and refurbishment projects of all shapes sizes.

Reliable steelwork installations

Our products are manufactured in on our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility located in Yorkshire. Then, once all components have been made, they are delivered ready to be assembled. Not only does this help to cut on-site costs, it also helps to maintain site safety and ensure construction time is kept to an absolute minimum.

We have an installation team who can a combined experience of 100 years covering all aspects of steel erection, including a number of diverse and challenging projects. As such, they’ll use their expertise to ensure the construction phase runs smoothly, without compromising on quality and safety.

Grow your business by maximising space

We provide a superb quality service and architectural products designed to help you maximise the space you have. For example, mezzanine flooring offers a great way to maximise storage space whilst keeping costs to a minimum, and walkways and gantries can be used to provide easy access to raised storage areas.

Steel construction provides a budget-friendly approach to creating new buildings or building extensions, helping to increase usable space without the cost of moving to a larger premises. We’ll use our expertise to design creative solutions, specially developed to meet your requirements and ensure your business grows.

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Steelwork Engineering steel fabricated buildings

Do you have expansion plans for your business?

Increase space with a steel framed building designed and installed by Steelwork Engineering

Happy New Year!

Running your own business often spends a lot of time thinking about how to expand and grow. The start of a New Year is the ideal time to start giving serious consideration to an expansion project. However, business growth can mean relocating to a larger business premises which, of course, results in increased costs. With this in mind, choosing to extend your business premises with a steel framed building extension or new building can prove to be a cost-effective solution, providing you with the space you need to grow.

Steel buildings are incredibly quick to erect as unlike traditional bricks and mortar building techniques, all components are designed and manufactured off-site; delivered ready to be assembled. Furthermore, steel buildings can be easily extended or adapted at a later date, therefore providing an effective long-term solution, designed to expand alongside your business.

Steel framed buildings designed and manufactured by Steelwork Engineering

At Steelwork Engineering we have decades of experience in the design and manufacture of steel framed buildings and building extensions. All of our steel components are designed and manufactured in our Yorkshire workshop before being delivered ready to be bolted together on-site. Whether you already know what you need, or would like to have your building designed for you, our team has the expertise to help.

To find out more about how we can help you find the building solutions you need to grow your business, please get in touch by calling 01535 630100 or email