steel racking

Adjustable steel racking designed to meet your specifications

At Steelwork Engineering we provide a design and installation service for adjustable steel racking. Ideal for use in a wide range of settings, such as industrial units, stock rooms, builders’ yards, warehouses and farm buildings, installing steel racking offers a highly effective way to maximise space and improve efficiency.

Our steel racking systems are installed using floor mounted ‘L’ shaped steel column and support beams to provide the main structure. We can then drill multiple holes in the face of each column to allow for the adjustable fixing of racking arms. The racking systems we design and install are incredibly robust and ideal for storing everything from stock and equipment, through to building materials and much more.

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steel canopies

Stylish canopies designed to make the most of outdoor areas

Architectural metalwork canopies manufactured and installed by Steelwork Engineering

Installing an architectural metalwork canopy offers a wide range of benefits; proving incredibly useful in a variety of locations, from factories and industrial units, through to shops, restaurants, schools and colleges.

At Steelwork Engineering we have the expertise to manufacture and install a wide range of metalwork canopies with coverings in glass, perforated mesh and profiled cladding. Whether you’d like to install a canopy to provide shelter for a loading bay or protection from the elements for the children in your school, we thought we’d explore some of the benefits this type of architectural feature can offer.

Canopies for hotels and restaurants

Whether you’d like to create a covered area for outdoor dining or a great first impression outside the entrance to your hotel or restaurant, an elegant architectural canopy offers the perfect addition to the exterior of your business. Providing shelter from rain and sun not only allows you to maximise the space you have, it also greats an eye-catching architectural feature that’s guaranteed to impress your customers and guests.

Retail and commercial canopies

Architectural metalwork canopies are the ideal choice for retail businesses who need to make the most of outdoor display areas. From garden centres through to car showrooms, canopies are perfect for creating displays of stock outdoors, providing protection for customers. In addition, a canopy can provide a useful addition to shopping centre entrances, bike storage areas, loading bays and pick-up areas. Here at Steelwork Engineering we have the expertise to install a canopy outside your customer opening times, helping to minimise the disruption to you and your business.

Canopies for schools and nurseries

Choosing to install a canopy or covering at a school offers a number of benefits and is a great way to encourage outdoor learning, play and more. Not only does the shelter offered by a canopy help to block out the wind and rain, it can also make it safer to play outside in the summer by providing shelter from the sun’s harmful UV rays. In addition, a canopy is also a cost-effective way to add additional space to a school building and although it wont provide the same protection as a classroom for example, it does offer a useful way to maximise your outdoor areas.

Tailor made canopies installed by Steelwork Engineering

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steel structure

Choosing prefabricated steel can help to cut the cost of your next construction project

What are the benefits of prefabricated steel construction?

When compared to traditional reinforced concrete, steel frame construction offers a wide range of advantages. From lower costs and enhanced sustainability through to flexibility and improved health and safety, increasing numbers of building projects are now making the most of prefabricated steel construction.

In contrast to reinforced concrete, steel construction using a prefabricated steel frame can reduce the costs of a building project by up to 3%. Using prefabricated steel makes the most of the advantages of off-site construction, by helping to improve the speed of construction. Prefabricated steel buildings offer a number of benefits including:

• Steel is an extremely durable form of construction material, offering the capability to include large, unsupported spans
• Flexibility is also improved thanks to the ability to create larger open spaces which can be divided up at a later date
• Foundation costs are reduced thanks to steel’s superb strength to weight ratio
• Steel framed buildings can be easily adapted during the construction process; for example if the client wants to alter their plans
• Using prefabricated steel can significantly reduce construction times
• Reduce construction times mean less time spent by fewer people on-site
• Other trades are able to access the construction site earlier
• Better use can be made of the construction site
• Steel resists corrosion and offers increased fire protection
• Services are easier to integrate

Prefabricated steel buildings designed, manufactured and constructed by Steelwork Engineering

At Steelwork Engineering we have decades of experience in the design, manufacture and construction of prefabricated steel buildings. From structural steelwork and architectural metalwork, through to steel stairs, walkways and gantries, our products and services offer an excellent way to minimise the cost of a building project.

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steel house extensions

Does your home need more space?

Steel house extensions designed and installed by Steelwork Engineering

Here at Steelwork Engineering, one of our areas of expertise is in the design, manufacture and installation of the steelwork needed to build house extensions, working with homeowners throughout Yorkshire and beyond. Adding an extension to your home can prove to be a much better investment than moving to a larger property; giving you the space you need without the additional costs of estate agents’ fees etc.

What are the benefits of building a house extension from steel?

Using steel in a home extension project offers a number of benefits. Builders’ beams and steel components are manufactured off-site, delivered ready for construction. This helps to save on-site costs, whilst keeping time spent on a project to a minimum.

In addition, because all beams and components are made with precision, there is little room for error which helps to avoid expensive, disruptive mistakes and delays.

Steel is also incredibly versatile and can be designed and made to almost any size to fit almost any space. Suitable for use in steel house extension projects of all types and sizes, steel is the perfect building material for everything from two-storey wrap around extensions, through to small single-storey extensions.

Steel house extension design and build services

If you’re considering a steel house extension project, we have the expertise to help. Our design team have many years of experience in steelwork design, covering a wide range of projects from houses and retail premises, through to large agricultural buildings. Using our design and build service offers a great way to take the hassle ouf of the design process as we’ll design your building for you before creating the steelwork and delivering to the building site, ready for construction.

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steel fabrication

Steel buildings in the frame: what are the benefits of building with steel?

Steel construction is becoming increasingly commonplace and is now widely used in the building of business, residential, industrial and commercial buildings. So, why has building with steel become so popular and what are the benefits of this type of construction?
Quick, flexible construction
The fast construction time the process offers is perhaps the most significant benefit of steel frame fabrication is t. Fabricated steel construction results in super-fast construction times, particularly in projects where structural steel components are manufactured off-site and partly assembled, ready for use as soon as they arrive on site. Not only does this reduce build-time, it also helps to improve site safety as fewer staff are required on site for less time.
In addition, unlike concrete buildings, steel frame buildings are ready for immediate use once they arrive on site because they don’t need time to set. Furthermore, steel frame buildings also provide exceptional adaptability as they can be easily extended, modernised or updated, ensuring a future-proof, long-term investment.
A cost effective solution
By opting for a steel fabricated building design, rather than concrete, for example, construction time is reduced, resulting in a reduction in the overall cost of the project. Choosing steel over concrete can result in impressive time savings without having to compromise on the quality of the completed building. Savings are also possible when it comes to waste management as the amount of waste generated during steel construction is limited as the building is constructed according to a set of detailed measurements. Therefore the structural steel elements of the building are fabricated off site ready to be delivered, therefore reducing the costs which can be incurred by on-site storage.
Building foundations tends to be one of the biggest costs of most construction projects but by choosing a steel frame building, the foundations are significantly cheaper to build because the completed structure is lighter and will not put as much force onto the foundations. Therefore it is possible to use smaller and therefore cheaper foundations.
Durable buildings designed and built to last
Steel framed buildings are incredibly robust, durable and weather resistant and won’t shrink rust, or corrode. In addition, steel frame buildings manufactured by Steelwork Engineering are designed and built with the utmost precision, ensuring the highest standards of quality and a worthwhile investment.
A greener approach to construction
Sustainability is last but by no means least on our list. Whilst there’s no doubt that steel framed buildings offer a number of benefits, it’s also worth bearing in mind that using steel in a construction project can be a good way to increase your environmental credentials. Designed to last an incredibly long time, steel can also be re-cycled several times without compromising on quality.
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steel stair access steel staircases

Improve safety with our steel fire escapes and ladders

Steel fire escapes and safety ladders designed and installed by Steelwork Engineering

A robust fire escape is an essential component of any multi-storey building. Whether you need a single flight stair from a fire escape or a multi-flight staircase, we have the expertise to install a staircase which meets building regulations and is built to last.

The rules and regulations surrounding the size and design of fire escapes is complex. However, by choosing to work with us you’ll have the reassurance of knowing that our knowledgeable team will install a fire escape designed to provide a safe escape route for you, your staff, customers or clients. We’ve designed steel fire escapes for installation in a wide range of different buildings; from industrial units and factories, through to residential buildings and commercial properties.

Access ladders

Access ladders provide a useful way to access to roof spaces and any areas of a building where space is limited. Although they are intended for emergency use or occasional maintenance, access ladders must be strong, durable and designed to provide a safe means of access for those who use them.

At Steelwork Engineering our range of steel products includes the design and installation of access ladders which can be tailor made to meet your unique requirements. Whether you require steps or rungs, cage or hoop protection, we’ll work closely with you to install a steel access ladder which is designed to meet your exact requirements.

Steelwork manufactured in Yorkshire

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steel fabrication services

Steel is top of the class for educational buildings

Steel framed buildings designed and installed by Steelwork Engineering

When it comes to choosing a framing material for multi-story buildings, steel is by far the UK construction industry’s most popular choice. Thanks to its long and proven track record of delivering cost-effective, high-quality, sustainable structures, steel has become to the go-to choice when constructing schools and educational buildings.

The construction of school buildings involves a range of particular design requirements which must be adhered to, including flexible use of space, spatial planning, acoustics, vibration control and durability. However, the requirements change depending on the type of building so, for example, an infant or primary school, although based on a standard grid-design of multiple classrooms, will be different to a secondary school or college which is likely to be multi-storey. In addition, high education buildings have to be designed to accommodate staff offices, laboratories, lecture theatres and even halls of residence.

However, perhaps the biggest challenge when constructing schools and educational buildings is speed. Fast construction times are essential to ensure that the construction of new buildings is completed within an academic year, or in some cases over the long summer holidays. Speed is important in order to minimise any potential disturbance to the sight and to ensure disruption to pupils and students is kept as low as possible.

Steel construction offers the ideal solution to such time constraints and as a result, has achieved a strong place in the market for all types of educational buildings. Not only does steel construction allow for buildings to be constructed into modular elements, designed to be quickly assembled on site, it also allows for shallower than normal floor construction which helps aid acoustic performance and reduce vibration.

Cost-effectiveness is where steel really is top of the class though as this form of construction offers a wide range of economic benefits for all sizes of project: from extensions to primary school buildings to brand-new halls of residence and university buildings. Steel construction offers savings in a number of areas including quicker erection times, flexible and future-proof design, off-site manufacture and the extension or construction of buildings with an existing constricted space.

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steel fabrication services

Discover our range of bespoke architectural metalwork services

At Steelwork engineering we have many years of experience in the design, manufacture and installation of wide range of superb quality architectural metalwork products. From staircases and canopies, through to walkways and balconies, we provide cost-effective solutions for building and refurbishment projects.

Reliable and safe steelwork installations

Our products are manufactured off-site in on our Yorkshire manufacturing facility before being delivered ready to be assembled. This not only helps to reduce on-site costs, it also helps to ensure site safety and that build time is kept to an absolute minimum.

Our installation team can boast a combined experience of 100 years in all aspects of steel construction and have have gained expertise in working on a range of diverse and challenging projects. They’ll use their expertise to ensure the construction phase runs as smoothly as possible, without compromising on quality and site safety.

Grow your business by maximising space

Our team works incredibly hard to provide a high quality service and architectural products which could help you maximise the space you have. Mezzanine flooring, for example, offers an excellent way to maximise storage space whilst keeping costs as low as possible, whilst walkways and gantries will provide easy access to raised storage areas.

Steel construction provides a cost-effective approach to creating new buildings or building extensions, ensuring you make the most of space without the cost of moving to a larger premises. We’ll use our expertise to design creative solutions, specially developed to meet your requirements and help your business to grow.

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Steelwork Engineering Staircases

We design and install steel staircases which are built to last

Installing a steel staircase offers a number of benefits, not least in terms of exceptional durability. If you’re considering an extension or refurbishment project to your business premises, here at Steelwork Engineering we have the expertise to design, build and install a steel staircase to meet to exact specifications.

The benefits of a steel staircase for your business

Steel staircases offer a number of benefits in comparison to concrete or wooden options and in this article we thought we’d highlight some of the main benefits:

  • Low-maintenance: Unlike other materials, steel will resist rust, ensuring that it is very easy to maintain. This low-maintenance also ensures that steel is easy to keep clean and will resist damage or staining.
  • Simple installation: Steel staircases are built-off site, ready to be installed quickly and with the minimum of disruption, helping you to reduce the cost of a building or refurbishment project.
  • Strength: steel is extremely strong and this is why it is used extensively in the building industry. Steel’s unbeatable strength makes it the ideal choice for staircases and in comparison to wood or concrete is hard to beat in industrial or commercial settings.
  • Durability: Quite simply, steel staircases last for many decades without loss of durability. Whilst wood can be affected by rot or insects and concrete can crack or become chipped, a steel staircase will look as good as the day it’s installed for many years to come.
  • Malleability: Not only is steel strong, it is also very malleable and can be moulded in a wide range of shapes and designs. Perfect for creating spiral or decorative staircases, steel offers the ideal way to create a unique, robust design feature.

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steelwork engineering

The incredible sustainability of steel

Over recent decades steel has become the mail building for a whole range of buildings, from homes, schools and offices, through to warehouses and factories. Steel is not only leading the way in terms of efficient, low-cost construction, it is also becoming widely recognised as a sustainable, eco-friendly building material.

Steel manufacturing and construction industries have long been advocates of improving and implementing environmental practices. From almost limitless recyclability, through to safe off-site prefabrication and low carbon emissions, consideration for the planet is taken into account through the life cycle of steel.

Steel products designed, manufactured and installed by Steelwork Engineering

Although it takes huge amounts of energy and resources to produce steel, the steel industry has faced the challenge of creating a more sustainable future. New technology such as the electric arc furnace, which primarily uses recycled steel, has helped to reduce the use of natural resources such as coal and iron ore. Where steel is really helping to come into its own, though, is through sustainable construction:

  • It’s the superb recyclability of steel which puts it head and shoulders above other building materials. When you bear in mind that because over 650 million metric tons of steel are recycled each year, it’s pretty hard to beat in terms of sustainability.
  • Steel typically lasts far longer than other construction materials as it does not warp, twist or burn and will resist pests and water; which is why steel buildings last much longer than others.
  • Thanks to steel’s incredible strength-to-weight ratio, less building materials are required to build a structure designed to handle the same stress or load as other materials such as concrete or wood.

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