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Reach new heights safely with our safety ladders and fire escapes

Here at Steelwork Engineering we are your go-to company for the installation of steel fire escapes and safety ladders in your multi-storey buildings. Fire escapes are crucial components of any building as they provide a safe means of escape in emergency situations. Our experienced team can install single flight or multi-flight staircases that meet building regulations and are durable enough to last.

Fire escapes and safety ladders designed to suit all requirements

We understand that the rules and regulations governing the size and design of fire escapes can be complex. However, our knowledgeable team is equipped to design and install steel fire escapes that meet the required safety standards for various buildings. We have designed fire escapes for installation in residential, commercial, industrial units, and factories.

Access ladders provide a convenient way to access rooftops and areas with limited space. We understand the importance of safety in emergency situations, and we are dedicated to designing and installing access ladders that are strong, durable, and safe for those who use them. Our range of steel products includes customized access ladders designed to meet your unique requirements, whether you need steps or rungs, cage or hoop protection.

Steel safety ladders and fire escapes installed by Steelwork Engineering

At Steelwork Engineering, we manufacture our steel products in Yorkshire to ensure that they meet the highest quality standards. Our commitment to excellence in product design, installation, and maintenance is second to none. Contact us today by calling 01535 630 or email to find out more about our range of steelwork products and installation services. We are always available to provide you with the best steel solutions for your safety needs.