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Steel construction earns top marks for the design of schools and colleges

Educational buildings made with steel frames from Steelwork Engineering

Steel is the top choice of framing material for multi-story buildings in the UK construction industry. This is due to its reputation for delivering cost-effective, sustainable, and high-quality structures. Steel has become the go-to choice for constructing schools and educational buildings, thanks to its long and proven track record.

The construction of school buildings requires compliance with particular design requirements, such as flexible use of space, spatial planning, acoustics, vibration control, and durability. The requirements vary depending on the type of building. For example, an infant or primary school may follow a standard grid-design of multiple classrooms, while a secondary school or college is likely to be multi-storey. Additionally, high education buildings need to be designed to accommodate staff offices, laboratories, lecture theatres, and even halls of residence.

However, the biggest challenge when constructing schools and educational buildings is speed. Fast construction times are necessary to ensure that the new buildings are completed within an academic year, or in some cases, over the long summer holidays. Speed is crucial to minimise any potential disturbance to the site and to keep disruption to pupils and students to a minimum.

Steel construction offers the ideal solution to such time constraints and has a strong place in the market for all types of educational buildings. Steel construction allows buildings to be constructed into modular elements, designed to be quickly assembled on-site. It also allows for shallower than normal floor construction, which helps aid acoustic performance and reduces vibration.

Steel construction is cost-effective, making it the ideal solution when creating buildings on tight budgets. It offers a wide range of economic benefits for all sizes of projects, from extensions to primary school buildings to brand-new halls of residence and university buildings. Steel construction offers savings in a number of areas, including quicker erection times, flexible and future-proof design, off-site manufacture, and the extension or construction of buildings with existing constrained space.

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