steel staircase

The benefits of installing a steel staircase

Could your business benefit from a steel staircase?

A well-constructed staircase can be an incredibly useful addition to any commercial, industrial or office building. However, selecting the right type of metal staircase calls for some consideration when it comes to functionality and design. Although there are a number of different aspects of aspects you should consider when selecting a steel staircase, the most important thing is to choose the most suitable material.  This is where steel comes in as it is incredibly versatile, low-maintenance and practical.

Durability and strength

Steel is extremely strong; because it is made of very strong materials such as carbon and iron ore, this helps to prevent fractures at atomic levels. This strength makes steel the ideal building material and because it is non-combustible and wont rot like wood, it requires little or no maintenance. There’s very little which can cause damage to steel; not even storm force winds or fire.

Consideration for the environment

The deforestation caused by the timber industry is a major factor in global warming and when you consider that building a wooden staircase calls for a significant quantity of lumber; in comparison a steel staircase needs no wood at all. Steel is one of the most widely recycled materials in the world and has a global recycling rate of more than sixty per cent. So not only do steel staircases provide an incredibly durable option, they are also an environmentally friendly option.

Steel can help you reduce costs

When you consider the long-term benefits of using steel in a construction project, it is a relatively inexpensive option. Building a steel staircase can help you save money on manufacturing costs and because it is such a durable, low-maintenance material, it will provide you with a lifetime of hassle-free service.