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Steel frame buildings offer a number of advantages

Steel frame buildings designed and built by Steelwork Engineering

The use of structural steel in construction is becoming increasingly popular and is now widely used in the building of industrial and commercial buildings. With this in mind, we thought it would be a good opportunity to discuss some of the many advantages which steel frame buildings can offer.

Flexible, high-speed construction

Perhaps the most significant benefit of steel frame fabrication is a reduction in construction time. Using fabricated steel in building means super-fast construction times, especially in projects where structural steel components are manufactured offsite and partly assembled. In addition, unlike concrete buildings, steel frame buildings are ready for immediate use once they arrive on set because they don’t need time to set. Steel frame buildings also offer exceptional adaptability as they can be easily extended, modernised or updated, ensuring a future-proof, long-term investment.

Steel framed buildings provide a cost effective construction solution

By opting for a steel fabricated building design, rather than concrete, for example, construction time will be reduced and this will lead to a reduction in the overall cost of the project. Choosing steel over concrete can result in impressive time savings without having to compromise on the quality of the completed building. It is also possible to make savings when it comes to waste management as the amount of waste generated during steel building construction is limited as the building is constructed according to a set of detailed measurements. This means that the structural steel elements of the building are fabricated off site ready to be delivered, therefore reducing the costs which can be incurred by on-site storage.

Building foundations tends to be one of the biggest costs of most construction projects but by choosing a steel frame building, the foundations are significantly cheaper to build because the completed structure is lighter and will not put as much force onto the foundations. Therefore it is possible to use smaller, less expensive foundations.

Durable steel buildings built to last by Steelwork Engineering

Steel framed buildings are incredibly durable and weather resistant and will not shrink rust, or corrode. In addition, steel frame buildings manufactured by Steelwork Engineering are designed and built with the utmost precision, ensuring the highest standards of quality and a worthwhile investment.

Environmental benefits

Sustainability is last but by no means least on our list. Whilst there’s no doubt that steel framed buildings offer a number of benefits, it’s also worth bearing in mind that using steel in a construction project can be a good way to increase your environmental credentials. Designed to last an incredibly long time, steel can also be recycled several times without compromising on quality.

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