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Steel: the perfect building material for industrial buildings

Steel industrial buildings designed and built by Steelwork Engineering

If you run an industrial business but need more space to improve productivity, a new building is the obvious answer. Extending existing buildings or constructing brand new ones represents a significant investment which deters many business owners. Industrial buildings constructed from steel, however, are far more cost-effective to build and could provide you with the space you need at a price you can afford.

Defining industrial buildings

First things first and before we explain why steel is ideal for industrial buildings, we’ll define what characterises this type of structure. In essence, industrial buildings are any building which are used in industry environments and can include factories, warehouses, storage buildings and more. Buildings such as these can vary hugely in terms of size, shape and complexity, but if there’s one thing they have in common, it’s that they are ideal for constructing from steel.

Here are some examples of the advantages and cost benefits that steel framed construction can offer industrial and manufacturing businesses:

  • Steel is an incredibly versatile building material and can be used to create flexible designs which are easily extended at a later date if required. Thanks to steels excellent strength to weight ratio, steel frames can be used to build large structures with wide open interior spaces, helping to make steel ideal for the construction of factory buildings or warehouses.
  • Steel needs almost maintenance and unlike wood and other low-cost building materials it will resist damp, rot and insect infestations. Steel doesn’t need to be painted and is strong enough to withstand pretty much anything the weather can throw at it!
  • Steel framed buildings are quick and easy to construct. The steel frame is manufactured off-site in a factory controlled environment, with all parts delivered ready to be screwed and bolted together. This helps to keep construction time to an absolute minimum, helping to reduce the overall cost of the build.

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