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Increase your living space with a steel house extension

Steel home extensions designed and built by Steelwork Engineering

Making your home bigger with a home extension can often prove to be a more cost-effective solution to moving to a larger house. Building an extension will give you and your family the additional living space you need, without the additional costs associated with moving such as estate agent and solicitor’s fees. At Steelwork Engineering we are experts in the design, manufacture and construction of steel framed house extensions and we work with homeowners in Leeds, Bradford and throughout West Yorkshire.

Why build a steel house extension?

Thanks to the current pandemic, most people have had to spend far more time at home than they would do normally! As a result, many people are looking for homes with increased living space; maybe to accommodate a home office or for a larger kitchen.

This is where a home extension comes in and using steel in a home extension project offers a number of benefits. Builders’ beams and steel components are manufactured off-site in our West Yorkshire manufacturing facility before being delivered ready for construction. Not only does this help to save on-site costs, it also ensures that time spent on a project is kept to a minimum. In addition, because all beams and components are made with precision, margins of error are significantly reduced, helping to avoid costly, frustrating mistakes and delays.

Steel is also highly versatile and can be designed and made to almost any size to fit almost any space. Ideal steel house extension projects of all shapes and sizes, steel is the perfect building material for everything from two-storey wrap around extensions, through to smaller single-storey extensions.

Steel house extension design and build services

If you’re considering a steel house extension project, we have the expertise to help. Our design team have many years of experience in steelwork design, covering a wide range of projects from houses and retail premises, through to large agricultural buildings. Using our design and build service offers a great way to take the hassle out of the design process as we’ll design your building for you before creating the steelwork and delivering to the building site, ready for construction.

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