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Steel fabrication plays an important part in our daily lives

Steel fabrication and design services from Steelwork Engineering

Although you might not realise it, metal fabrication is everywhere plays an essential role in how we live our day-to-day lives.

Without metal fabrication things would be very different indeed as it is used in everything from construction and farming, through to factory assembly lines, hospital equipment and computer network servers.

In fact, you could say that metal fabrication has shaped the world as we know it! The history of metal fabrication is a very long one, dating as far back as ancient societies such as the ancient Egyptians, Romans and Greeks. Historians have discovered that there’s a clear link between the success of a particular civilisation and the point at which they realised that metal ore could be forged and fabricated into weapons, tools or even simple machinery. As the centuries have passed and civilisations have developed, the use for metals has risen dramatically, leading directly to the seismic changes brought about by the Industrial Revolution which began in the 17th century.

From the car in your drive through to your office building, metal fabrications are everywhere. Although metal has been used in building and manufacturing for hundreds of years, the way it has made has changed beyond all recognition.

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Here at Steelwork Engineering we’re proud to have been providing steel fabrications and products to our customers for over three decades. Our product range includes everything from steel staircases and fire escapes, through to builders’ beams, forming a vital part of a huge number of building projects of all shapes and sizes.

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