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The benefits of choosing steel for your next construction project

Structural steel buildings and components designed and made in Yorkshire by Steelwork Engineering

Here at Steelwork Engineering, structural steel buildings form the majority of our work; enabling us to cater to the building requirements of a wide range of industry sectors. Choosing steel offers several advantages and can potentially help to make significant savings on the cost of a building project. If you haven’t considered a steel framed building, here a few examples of how this versatile building material could benefit your business:

• The components for construction a steel framed building are designed and manufactured by us and are delivered on site, ready to be bolted or screwed together. No only does this helps to reduce build time, it also helps to improve site safety and ensures the project stays within budget.
• Steel is very durable and highly flexible and as such is ideal for creating architectural features including canopies, balconies, staircases and walkways.
• Steel is incredibly strong, allowing architects to design large, open-plan areas.
• Steel is very versatile and steel framed buildings can be easily extended at a later date, or adapted to accommodate a change of use.

Secondary steelwork and metalwork

In addition to steel framed buildings, here at Steelwork Engineering we also have the expertise to design and manufacture a wide range of secondary steelwork and metalwork products. Mezzanine flooring, for example, offers a low cost way to increase or maximise the floor space in a building, whilst steel staircases, fire escapes and access ladders can be integrated during the initial build or added further down the line.

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Building with steel offers a fantastic way to create the space you need, or maximise the space you have, for a cost effective price. If you would like to find out more about building with steel, please get in touch by calling 01535 630100 or email