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Steel – the eco friendly building material

Steel is now the primary building material for a huge range of construction projects; from houses, schools and offices, through to hospitals factories and warehouses. Steel has not only led the way as an efficient, low-cost construction material, it is also now widely recognised as a sustainable, eco-friendly building solution.
Steel manufacturing and construction industries have, for many years, been at the forefront of finding ways to improve and implement environmental practices. From incredibly recyclability through to off-site prefabrication and low carbon emissions, consideration for the planet is taken into account throughout the life cycle of steel.

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Although it takes huge amounts of energy and resources to produce steel, the steel industry has risen to the challenge of ensuring a more sustainable future. Thanks to new technology such as the electric arc furnace, which utilises recycled steel, the use of natural resources such as coal and iron ore has been reduced. However, where steel is really helping to come into its own is in sustainable construction:
• Because steel has an incredible strength-to-weight ratio, less building materials are needed to construct a structure designed to handle the same stress or load as other materials such as wood or concrete
• Steel lasts far longer than other construction materials as it does not warp, twist or burn and will resist pests and water. This durability is why steel buildings far longer than others.
• It’s the impressive recyclability of steel which puts it way ahead of other building materials, especially when you consider that over 650 million metric tons of steel are recycled each year.

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