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What are the advantages of using structural steelwork in a construction project?

Steel – the four reasons it should be part of your construction project

Here at Steelwork Engineering we have decades of experience in the supply of all types of structural steelwork for use in buildings of all shapes and sizes; from large industrial units, commercial buildings and warehouses, through to small agricultural buildings. Although the advantages of using steel in a construction project are clear and proven, we thought we’d outline the four main benefits this versatile building material can offer:

1. Reduced construction times: speed means efficiency and cost savings; because steel structures can be erected so quickly, trades are able to start work on site much sooner. Compared to concrete framed buildings, the savings steel offers are clear and this is one of the many reasons steel construction is now so popular.
2. Cost efficiency: steel is cheaper now than in the past and thanks to significant advances in productivity and the supply chain, customers can enjoy the savings offered by competitively priced steel products.
3. Durability: steel is incredibly durable and lasts significantly longer than other building materials before refurbishment is required. In addition, steel framed buildings can be easily adapted and extended, helping to avoid the associated costs of costly building work.
4. Health and safety: consideration for health and safety is essential in any construction project. Thanks to the off-site fabrication of steel components, along with quick on-site assembly, both help to make steel a safe construction material.

Structural steelwork design and build services from Steelwork Engineering

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