steel fabrication services

Steel – the ideal construction material for buildings in the health care sector

The design of health sector buildings needs to cater for a wide range of functions, many of which often change over the course of time. As a result, choosing an approach to construction which offers flexibility and adaptability is of paramount importance. This is where steel construction comes into its own by assisting with the rapid construction of health sector buildings and extension projects.

Steel building design meets the construction demands of the health sector

When new buildings are constructed on existing hospital sites, for example, fast construction and off-site manufacturing are important requirements if disruption to the site it to be kept to a minimum. Thanks to the speed of construction offered by steel-framed buildings, this approach is the ideal choice. In addition, because the components required to make steel-framed buildings are manufactured and assembled off-site, this also offers an important way to minimise construction time on site, noise, dust and the amount of materials needed.

There are other factors which have helped to make steel construction so popular within the health sector. Cleanliness is an important consideration for health care sites and painted steel surfaces are easy to keep clean, ensuring they are free from contamination and dust. Furthermore, it is possible to design steel constructions so that they achieve the highest levels of the acoustic insulation and low vibration response required to meet strict NHS requirements.

Ensuring a comfortable environment whilst keeping energy costs as low as possible are also important factors in the construction of health sector buildings. A degree of thermal insulation can be achieved using light steel infill walls, whilst the insulation material placed on the exterior of the steel frame creates a warm frame, designed to reduce thermal bridging.

From hospitals and health centres, through to GP surgeries and diagnostic centres, steel construction offers a safe, efficient and cost-effective form of construction.