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Staircases and balustrades made from sustainable steel

Many businesses are increasingly focussed upon sustainability by looking for ways to reduce their impact upon the environment. As a result, if you’re in the process of investing in steel staircases, balustrades or other architectural steel items, looking at the sustainability of steel offers an important way to make an informed decision.

Steel is strong and durable

Steel is incredibly strong and durable; in fact it is three times stronger than aluminium. This means that by choosing a long lived material as such as steel, your staircase or balustrade will last for much longer before it needs to be replaced. This significantly reduces the demands placed on the environment by fabrication and manufacture.

Environmentally friendly production

You might be surprised to learn that steel is also environmentally friendly during the production process. Up to 70% of alloy comes from recycled materials and because modern production techniques with increased efficiency have significantly reduced the amount of energy used in manufacturing, choosing steel is the ideal option for businesses who want to reduce their impact upon the environment.

Steel is easy to recycle

Last and by no means least, steel is simple to recycle for different purposes with no reduction in quality, regardless of the exact constituent metals.

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