steel staircase

Reach new heights with a steel staircase

If your business premises would benefit from a new staircase, why not consider installing a steel staircase, rather than a traditional timber or concrete one? Steel staircases offer a number advantages and with this in mind, we thought we’d run through some of the main benefits.

Steel staircases offer straightforward installation and a reduction in costs

The fabrication process used to create steel staircases is highly flexible which means that they can be designed and built to fit buildings of any size or shape. In addition, once a steel staircase has been constructed, the installation process is normally very quick and simple, leading to a reduction in costs.

When it comes to maintenance – or lack of maintenance – steel staircases offer a clear advantage over timber staircases in particular, as no staining, varnishing or sealing is required. In addition, because they are resistant to changes in temperature, so they won’t warp, bend or twist. Steel staircases will never fall victim to woodworm or rot and because the steel is pre-treated, there’s no danger of corrosion or rust.

We create unique steel staircase designs to meet to your requirements

There’s a misconception that a steel staircase will look very ‘industrial’ but this is not the case. Thanks to the versatility offered by steel, steel staircases can be designed to look elegant, grand or stylishly simple. Whether you’re looking for a staircase to give your premises that wow factor, or are looking for a heavy duty, practical staircase, steel offers the ideal solution.

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Steel staircases designed and manufactured by Steelwork Engineering are built to last. We have the expertise to create a wide range of bespoke staircases, specially created to match your individual requirements. If you would like to find out more about the benefits of steel staircases, then why not contact us today for further information?