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Mezzanine flooring part 2

In our last post we began by outlining what mezzanine flooring is and the different types which are available. In this post we’ll talk about the advantages of mezzanine flooring and how installing one could offer a number of business benefits.

The benefits of mezzanine flooring

The main benefit of mezzanine flooring is the amount of additional space they create. Installing mezzanine flooring makes it possible to add an extra floor to a building without the construction costs of building an extension. Furthermore, because the parts used to make a mezzanine floor are constructed off-site, the disruption caused by installation is a kept to a minimum.

As already mentioned, cost is one of the main benefits of installing mezzanine flooring. In cases where the only options for making more space include moving to a larger premises or building a new extension, it’s clear that mezzanine flooring offers a practical and affordable solution.

In addition, mezzanine flooring is especially suited to tall buildings with a generous amount of vertical space as installing floors between floors allows for an increased footprint without costly and disruptive construction work.

The many uses of mezzanine flooring

Mezzanine flooring is incredibly versatile and has many uses. Mezzanines are ideal for creating much-need additional storage, perfect for additional equipment, stock, pallet racking and much more.

Extra office space can also be created by installing a mezzanine floor, with all the features you’d expect to find in an office, including internet sockets, heating and lighting. So simply by undertaking some construction work, you could have the extra space you need to take on more staff.

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