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Understanding the benefits of steel

Steel becomes the first choice for the UK construction industry

According to research published by New London Architecture, a record 115 tall buildings are currently under construction in London, with a further 500 in the planning stages. Steel is vital component of these construction projects and is transforming city skylines across the globe.

Why has steel become so popular? The answer is actually fairly simple and because steel offers a wide range of benefits, it is now widely recognised as a durable, cost effective choice for construction projects of all shapes and sizes. As regular readers of our blog will know, we often talk about the benefits of steel in construction and here are a few examples of the benefits it could offer:

  • Health and safety: steel building components are manufactured off-site, before being erected by skilled construction specialists. This results in rapid, waste-free assembly times, helping to keep time spent on-site to a minimum, therefore improving the health and safety of construction teams.
  • Sustainability: steel is one of the most sustainable building materials there is as the majority of the steel used in construction is recycled. Steel lasts far longer than other building materials and once a steel building has been erected, will outlast other building materials whilst being relatively easy to extend and adapt in the future.
  • Fire performance: when it comes to performance in the event of a fire, steel is pretty hard to beat. Steel is efficiently engineered to provide exceptional fire resistance, whilst buildings constructed from steel benefit from innovative fire protection systems.
  • Economic benefits: steel offers a number of benefits, from taking a load off a building’s foundations, through to speedy construction and cost savings in an increasingly competitive market. Steel is also highly durable and is flexible – ideal for the changing times we live.

These are just some of the advantages that steel could offer your next construction project and here at Steelwork Engineering we provide a range of cost-effective products and services, from structural steelwork and mezzanine flooring, through to fire escapes, access ladders and installation services.

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