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Sustainable steel

Steel has become the chosen building for a wide variety of buildings; from houses, schools and offices, through to factories and industrial buildings. Steel has not only led the way in terms of efficient, low-cost construction, it is also increasingly recognised as a sustainable, eco-friendly building material.

Steel manufacturing and construction industries have long been advocates of improving and implementing environmental practices. From superb ‘recyclebility’ through to off-site prefabrication and low carbon emissions, consideration for the environment at the forefront throughout the life cycle of steel.

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Although significant amounts of energy and resources are used in steel production, the steel industry is meeting the challenge of creating a more sustainable future. New technology such as the electric arc furnace, which uses mainly recycled steel, has helped to cut the use of natural resources such as iron ore and coal. Where steel is really coming into its own though is in sustainable construction:

  • Thanks to steel’s incredible strength-to-weight ratio, less building materials are required to build a structure designed to handle the same stress or load as other materials such as concrete or wood.
  • Steel typically lasts far longer than other construction materials as it does not warp, twist or burn and will resist pests and water; which is why steel buildings last much longer than others.
  • It’s the superb recyclability of steel which puts it head and shoulders above other building materials. When you bear in mind that because over 650 million metric tons of steel are recycled each year, it’s pretty hard to beat in terms of sustainability.

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