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Steel – the ideal construction material for commercial buildings

Steel frames are now used in the construction of 70% of multi-storey commercial buildings in the UK. It’s not hard to see why steel construction is so popular for commercial buildings as it’s material for creating a huge range of buildings, from offices and business centres, through to shops and warehouses. Here at Steelwork Engineering we have many years of experience of working with the commercial sector, providing cost-effective building solutions.

Why choose steel for commercial construction?

Choosing to build a commercial building from steel offers a wide range of benefits, not least in terms of construction costs. Steel buildings are quick to build and because all components are made-to-measure off-site, significant savings can be made during the construction phase of a project.

Steel is also incredibly versatile and offers the opportunity to create flexible designs which are easy adapted or extended at a later date. This helps to ensure that steel buildings provide a long-term solution, allowing your business to grow and expand over time.

We have the expertise to design, manufacture and construct a steel building to meet your exact requirements. Whether you are considering a major multi-storey construction project or have a simple agricultural building in mind, using our steel building design and build service can help you save time and money.

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If you’re looking for a cost-effective way to expand or re-locate your commercial business premises, get in touch to find out more about our steel construction services. We are a UK company based in Yorkshire and work with businesses throughout the UK. Contacting us is simple: call 01535 630100 or email info@steelworkengineering .com.