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Steel framed buildings continue to dominate the commercial and industrial construction sector

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The construction of single storey buildings accounts for the largest sector of the UK structural steelwork market, representing over 60% of total construction activity. Here at Steelwork Engineering we are specialists in the design, manufacture and construction of steel framed single storey buildings. Steel buildings are becoming increasingly popular so we thought we’d outline some of the reasons why.

Steel is the material of choice when it comes to constructing framed buildings, with 90% of new framed buildings made from steel. Although most single storey steel framed buildings are relatively simple to construct, thanks to increasing levels of innovation in this area, over recent years there have been significant improvements in the design, cost and performance of these buildings. These improvements have resulted from a number of factors, including the increased use of portal frame design by design and build contractors such as ourselves and improvements in project management.

Steel framed buildings are used for a huge range of commercial and industrial purposes including the construction of storage facilities, warehouses, factories, energy plants, agricultural buildings, aircraft hangars…the possibilities are almost limitless!

Not only are steel framed buildings quick to construct, they are also highly flexible making future expansion or change of use a cost-effective option. In addition, thanks to steel’s superb strength to weight ratio, it also possible to design buildings with large, open span spaces, free from support columns.

Steel offers exceptional value for money and the domination of steel in the construction sector is a clear demonstration of this. In addition, unlike timber or concrete, steel won’t warp, crack or rot.

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