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Improve safety with our steel fire escapes and ladders

Steel fire escapes and safety ladders designed and installed by Steelwork Engineering

A robust fire escape is an essential component of any multi-storey building. Whether you need a single flight stair from a fire escape or a multi-flight staircase, we have the expertise to install a staircase which meets building regulations and is built to last.

The rules and regulations surrounding the size and design of fire escapes is complex. However, by choosing to work with us you’ll have the reassurance of knowing that our knowledgeable team will install a fire escape designed to provide a safe escape route for you, your staff, customers or clients. We’ve designed steel fire escapes for installation in a wide range of different buildings; from industrial units and factories, through to residential buildings and commercial properties.

Access ladders

Access ladders provide a useful way to access to roof spaces and any areas of a building where space is limited. Although they are intended for emergency use or occasional maintenance, access ladders must be strong, durable and designed to provide a safe means of access for those who use them.

At Steelwork Engineering our range of steel products includes the design and installation of access ladders which can be tailor made to meet your unique requirements. Whether you require steps or rungs, cage or hoop protection, we’ll work closely with you to install a steel access ladder which is designed to meet your exact requirements.

Steelwork manufactured in Yorkshire

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