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Steel delivers value across the length and breadth of Britain

From the Forth Bridge constructed back in 1890, through to London’s Cheesegrater and Leandenhall Building, structural steel can be found in iconic buildings and infrastructure throughout the UK. Why is steel so popular? From ease of long-term maintenance and value retention, through to flexibility and sustainability, evidence of the advantages of structural steel isn’t hard to find.

Outstanding buildings made from steel

A number of outstanding buildings have appeared over the last year or so – all made possible through the use of structural steel. From a warehouse construction project in Bristol which, when completed, will be the single largest building in the South West, through to the largest retail development project in Oxford over the last ten years, steel continues to showcase its construction programme and cost advantages.

The advantages of steel in construction

The advantages of using steel in construction is something we’ve discussed in previous blog posts and it’s thanks to these advantages that steel is now widely used in the majority of modern construction projects. Offering unbeatable construction times, lower costs and flexibility of design, steel is increasingly selected in projects encompassing everything from factories and shopping centres, through to schools, hospitals and bridges.

Although steel construction has come a very long way since the Victorian era and the building of the Forth Bridge, quality still remains a major feature of this form of construction. Whilst a great deal has changed; modern steel buildings can be manufactured in off-site controlled conditions, for example – structural steel buildings have and always will be, built to last. Surely the fact that the Forth Bridge is still standing almost 130 years later is testament to this?

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