steel educational building construction

Steel – the cornerstone of building for the education sector

Steel buildings for schools and colleges

Designing buildings for the education sector presents a particular set of challenges and requirements. Careful spatial planning is essential and it’s important to ensure that spaces are as flexible and adaptable as possible. In addition, close attention also needs to paid to durability, acoustics and the control of vibrations.

Steel construction is the ideal technique for creating a wide range of educational buildings and is already widely used to build sports halls, lecture theatres, laboratories, class rooms and university halls of residence. Building educational buildings from steel offers the education sector a range of real benefits including:

  • Fast construction: new buildings are completed quickly within one academic year or, in some cases, within the long summer holiday.
  • Flexibility: the space created is ideal for meeting current demands whilst being adaptable enough to evolve with future requirements.
  • Creative spaces: thanks to steel’s exceptional strength-to-weight ratio, steel construction makes it possible to create large, open spaces without the use of support columns.
  • Durability: steel is incredibly durable and steel framed buildings are easy to maintain and keep clean.
  • Ease of insulation: steel-framed buildings can be designed to provide good acoustic performance which is particularly important for the education sector. In addition, services such as heating, lighting and cooling are easily integrated.

Educational buildings designed and built by Steelwork Engineering

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