steel canopies

Steel construction provides a cost-effective way to expand your business

The past year has proved to be extremely challenging for many businesses and unfortunately the situation doesn’t look as though it’s going to improve overnight. Nevertheless, for businesses in the hospitality sector in particularly, many are looking for ways to expand their footprint in order to maximise profits and bounce back quicker once they reopen.

Steel construction offers a practical and cost-effective way to extend the outside areas of your business premises by adding all-weather protection in the form a canopy or covered space. At Steelwork Engineering we have many years of experience in all aspects of steel design and construction, providing affordable solutions for businesses of all shapes and sizes.

Architectural metalwork canopies are ideal for all types of building and are designed to provide shelter from the elements. Suitable for covering and protecting outdoor dining areas, pub beer gardens, pavement seating and more, coverings can be made from glass, perforated mesh or profiled cladding.

We’ll make a canopy that’s designed for your individual requirements and because our installation services can be carried out a time to suit you, we’ll ensure that disruption to your business is kept to a minimum.

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