steel framed construction

Steel buildings designed to resist the elements

Protect your business from the weather with a steel building designed and installed by Steelwork Engineering

Thanks to storms Ciara and Dennis the weather has been big news over the last couple of weeks, with stories of flooding and high winds. Stormy weather can be incredibly damaging to buildings, resulting in significant costs and disruption which can be hugely stressful to cope with. Here at Steelwork Engineering we design, manufacture and build steel buildings which are designed to provide robust, versatile and weather resistant solutions for businesses of all sizes.

Why build with steel?

Steel offers the highest strength-to-weight ratio of any building material, making it the ideal choice for robust construction. However, just because a building is made of steel doesn’t mean that it’s able to cope with gale force winds. The quality of the steel is incredibly important as it determines the building’s ability withstand damaging weather conditions.

Here at Steelwork Engineering our buildings are manufactured to BS EN1993 standards and CE Marking is available on request, providing you with reassurance that your new building is strong, durable and able to cope with the worst that British weather can throw at it!

We have the expertise to design, manufacture and install steel buildings up to 250 tonnes which covers everything from small agricultural buildings and retail units, through to heavy industrial units and large scale retail complexes. We can provide you a structural steel building that’s designed to meet your exact requirements, helping you grow your business and plan for future expansion.

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