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Robust steel handrails to provide a helping hand

Ensure staff and customer safety with our bespoke steel handrails

Here at Steelwork Engineering we design and manufacture a wide range of staircases and access products which will allow you to make the most of the space you have by accessing different floors in your building, or to provide escape routes and storage areas.

Steel handrails are crucial to the design of the majority of staircases, mezzanine floors and access ladders and with this in mind, we thought we’d explore the benefits of steel handrails.

Handrails must, by their very nature, be strong and durable enough to safely support people whilst they move up and down stairs or use walkways and ladders. A lightweight material, or no handrail at all simply won’t do the job, so a strong handrail is an important way to help reduce the risk of serious falls. Structural steel is the ideal material for handrails because it is strong, versatile and easy to maintain.

Steel offers a robust and durable option

When it comes to designing a staircase or access ladder it’s important to use a material that is as strong as possible. Stairs tend to incur a high level of footfall and by using a strong material such as steel; the staircase will have a greater tensile strength. In addition, because structural steel is weatherproof, it is the ideal choice for external stairs and fire escapes etc.

Steel handrails to suit all budgets and requirements

In comparison to other materials, structural steel rails offer a relatively cost effective option. Steel doesn’t need to be painted or varnished and because it won’t rust or corrode, maintenance and repair costs are non-existent or minimal. Steel will retain its good looks no matter how often it is used, helping you save time and money.

Strength and good looks combined

Not only is structural steel incredibly strong, it also looks great, helping to explain why it is such a popular material with architects and designers. Steel staircases and handrails can be designed to suit buildings of all shapes and sizes, offer a sleek, contemporary look in homes and business premises.

Steel handrails and staircases designed and installed by Steelwork Engineering

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