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Maximise outdoor areas with a steel canopy

Steel canopies designed and installed by Steelwork Engineering

As a result of the current coronavirus pandemic, restaurants, bars, cafes and pubs have been forced to close. Although no plans are yet in place for them to re-open, many are working hard to find ways to ensure their customers are able to adhere with social distancing measures when the time comes. Outdoor seating areas are likely to play a bit part in this and if your pub, bar or cafe has an outdoor space, the chances are that you’ll want to make maximum use of the potential it could offer. Of course our notoriously unpredictable climate could hinder these plans and with this in mind, installing an outdoor canopy could provide the ideal solution.

In addition, making the best use of outdoor areas is also likely to become a priority for schools, nurseries and care homes; playing an important part in ensuring social distancing is adhered to.

Here at Steelwork Engineering we have the expertise to design, manufacture and install canopies to meet our client’s exact requirements. Regardless of how large or small you’d like your canopy to be, we’ll create a solution which help you maximise space, keep your customers a safe and beat the elements. Here are few examples of the benefits of installing a canopy:

• Canopies are ideal for commercial properties, providing shade from the sun and protection from rain. The canopies we make can be designed to fit almost any building, in any size and in any location, providing a versatile solution for all requirements.
• Canopies are perfect for hotels, bars, cafes and restaurants, providing extended all-weather seating areas.
• Ideal for installation in nurseries, schools and playgroups, canopies offer a useful way to extend play areas, providing children with the chance to play outside throughout the year.
• Canopies can also prove extremely useful in healthcare settings, providing a protected area for patients, visitors and families to enjoy time outside no matter what the weather’s like.
• The ideal solution for business reception areas and entrances, installing a canopy provides protection for your staff, clients and visitors as they enter and leave your premises.

Made to measure canopies from Steelwork Engineering

Our steel canopies are made to measure, offering you the opportunity to create a canopy which is perfect for your individual requirements. To find out more, why not get in touch with Steelwork Engineering today?