mezzanine flooring

Do you have plans for expansion?

Mezzanine flooring designed to provide you with the space you need

If you’d like to expand your business but simply don’t have the space, a mezzanine floor offers the ideal solution. In comparison to moving your business to new premises, a mezzanine floor is a great way to provide yourself with much-needed extra space without the expense and hassle of re-locating.

Mezzanine flooring can be installed in a wide range of business premises; from commercial and industrial buildings, offices and shops, through to factories, warehouses and storage units. Here at Steelwork Engineering we have many years of expertise in the design, manufacture and installation of high quality steel mezzanine flooring, tailor made to suit your precise requirements and budget.

Mezzanine flooring to suit all market sectors

Mezzanine flooring is a highly versatile space optimisation solution for growing businesses of all shapes and sizes. Here are just some examples of where and how steel mezzanine flooring can prove to be especially useful:

  • Warehousing – create additional space, designed to suit your business requirements
  • Manufacturing – custom made mezzanine flooring, designed to house additional equipment, machinery, spare parts etc.
  • Retail – attractive additional space, designed and manufactured to provide a stylish solution
  • Archive storage – create additional floor space, designed to store and provide easy access to archives, records and documents
  • Offices – improve efficiency and work flows whilst creating additional space for extra staff

These are just some examples of how mezzanine flooring can be used to free-up space in your business premises. From laboratories and processing plants, through to libraries and corporate businesses, here at Steelwork Engineering we have the skills and experience to create superb quality steel mezzanine flooring, tailor made to help you improve efficiency and maximise profitability.

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Steelwork Engineering Staircases

Secondary steelwork designed to provide practical solutions

Secondary steelwork and metalwork products designed and installed by Steelwork Engineering

Secondary steelwork products such as mezzanine flooring, ladders, staircases and platforms all offer an excellent way to make best use of the space within a premises without the expense and upheaval of building work. Ideal for many industry sectors, we offer a wide range of secondary steelwork items, designed to provide you with cost-effective solutions.

Create extra space with mezzanine flooring

Mezzanine flooring offers a great way to add extra space and is ideal for warehouses, factories, agricultural buildings and more. We have the expertise to help you integrate mezzanine flooring into spaces which would otherwise remain unused, such as roof space. T his provides a great way to create more floorspace for a wide range of uses such as storage, additional machinery or even office space – all at a fraction of the cost of a new building.

Walkways and gantries

Whether used to provide access to mezzanine flooring or to reach plant areas, walkways, platforms and escape routes are a vital element of any industrial building. Here at Steelwork Engineering we provide a complete design and installation service and use galvanised steel, open mesh or durbar plate flooring panels, key clamp handrails and kick plates to give a safe and durable end result.

Fire escapes

Steel fire escapes form a crucial design element in any multi-storey building. We have the expertise to design and install a fully compliant fire escape, designed to provide you with peace of mind that your premises is safe and meets building regulations.

Canopies and sign towers

Whether used to provide shelter or advertise your business, our steel canopies and sign towers can be designed to meet your individual requirements. As with all our secondary steelwork products, we use high quality materials to ensure the end result exceeds your expectations.

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Whether you’re looking for a way to increase floor space or ensure your premises meets fire safety regulations, we can provide you with the steelwork products you need. To find out more or to discuss your individual requirements, get in touch by calling Steelwork Engineering on 01535 630100 or email

steelwork installations

Steel fabrication services you can rely upon

Steelwork Engineering – leading steel fabricators in Yorkshire

Whether you’re a general builder, a house builder or are a commercial building contractor, we can provide you with the steel on site when you need it. Our steel fabrication services have been developed over many years and we take great pride in providing a professional, personal and flexible service. Why not read on to find out how we could help you?

Steel fabrication and supply for general builders

We know that for general builders a fuss-free, reliable service is of paramount importance. With this in mind we offer complete flexibility, helping you to juggle the demands of multiple sites, ensuring steels are delivered when you need them by providing quick turnaround times and hassle-free communication. From Cranked beams and RSJs, through to site surveys and installation, we provide a one-stop-shop for general builders.

Steel supply and fabrication services for housing developments

From large housing development projects through to just a couple of new builds, our services are cost-effective and efficient. We have experience of working with house building contractors of all sizes and have the expertise to provide a range of services available to clients throughout the UK.

Commercial construction contractors

Commercial and industrial developments present a unique set of challenges and we’ll work closely with you to ensure your requirements are met. We many many years of experience in providing steel structures for the commercial and industrial sectors, working with clients of all sizes. We’ll work closely alongside your team every step of the way, providing bespoke services covering everything from structural steel work and architectural steelwork, through to staircases, mezzanine flooring, access ladders, fire escapes and more.

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steel staircase

Steel refurbishment services designed to transform old buildings

Don’t move – improve!

Although constructing a building from scratch can be expensive, enhancing the potential of old buildings by refurbishing them can often provide a cost-effective alternative if you’re looking to expand.

Here at Steelwork Engineering we have the expertise to extend and refurbish older buildings, providing you with steel construction services delivered on time and within your budget.

Steelwork refurbishment services for all sectors

Our steelwork refurbishment services are available for all sectors, covering everything from factories and warehouses, through to schools and office buildings. We know that steelwork refurbishment projects often require a flexible approach. Our team has the expertise to oversee all projects, regardless of complexity and we’ll work with you closely from the initial planning stages through to installation.

Whether we are installing a brand new roof structure, floor supports or curtain wall structures, our team take will take great care to keep any risk to an existing building to an absolute minimum. Refurbishment projects can prove complex and challenging but we take great pride in our ability to find innovate solutions, designed to provide an effective outcome.

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steel fabrication

The advantages of using steel.

Why choose steel?

In recent years steel has rapidly become the building material of choice for a whole range of construction projects, from industrial units through to high-rise buildings. The advantages which steel offers to the construction industry are widely recognised by architects and building contractors alike. So with this in mind, here are some of the benefits, steel could bring to your next project;

  • Cost

Steel being cost effective is one of the major advantages it has over other traditional building materials. 

Studies have shown that in the construction of a typical city centre office building, choosing to build using steel frame instead of more traditional building materials is 12% cheaper than using concrete.

  • Efficiency 

Steel has a fantastic strength to weight ratio, that is unmatched by almost any other traditional building material. When creating an efficient steel design you maximise the high strength to weight ratio. Which will in turn provide more versatile, larger column free internal spaces.

  • Fast construction times

Unlike traditional materials steel offers the fastest on-site start. This plus an earlier payback on your investment, providing possible time-related savings which can equate to up to 5% of the overall value of the project.

  • Safety

 Accurate fabrication work is carried out off site, therefore steel is safer to use than other materials when building for construction trams. Because of its efficiency steel is only brought onto a site as and when it is required, reducing the risk of accidents and the need for on-site storage. 

  • Sustainability

99% of constructional steel used in the UK has either been reused or recycled, steel can be used numerous times without loss of quality, ensuring sustainability for the future. This proves how much better for the environment steel is compared to other materials.

Steelwork engineering services

Here at Steelwork Engineering we provide a wide range of steel products and services, including structural steelwork, mezzanine floors,steel refurbishment,walkways,racking and gantries. If you would like more information on any aspect of our services, or to find out more about the benefits of using steel in your construction project, please don’t hesitate to get in touch today. 

steel commercial buildings

Steel commercial buildings

Steel buildings designed for the commercial sector

Steel is the ideal building material for creating commercial buildings, from shops and warehouses, through to showrooms and workshops. Here at Steelwork Engineering we have many years of experience of working with the commercial sector, providing cost-effective building solutions.

Why choose steel?

Choosing to build a commercial building from steel offers a wide range of benefits, not least in terms of construction costs. Steel buildings are quick to build and because all components are made-to-measure off-site, significant savings can be made during the construction phase of a project.

Steel is also incredibly versatile and offers the opportunity to create flexible designs which are easily adapted or extended at a later date. This helps to ensure that steel buildings provide a long-term solution, allowing your business to grow and expand over time.

We have the expertise to design, manufacture and construct a steel building to meet your exact requirements. Whether you are considering a major multi-storey construction project or have a simple agricultural building in mind, using our steel building design and build service can help you save time and money.

Get in touch with Steelwork Engineering to find out more

If you’re looking for a cost-effective way to expand or re-locate your commercial business premises, get in touch to find out more about our steel construction services. We are a UK company based in Yorkshire and work with businesses throughout the UK. Contacting us is simple: call 01535 630100 or email info@steelworkengineering .com.

steel fabrication

Steel – the backbone of industrial economies

Iron and steel has been in production for hundreds of years. From its humble beginnings as a cottage industry, steel now forms the backbone of modern, industrial economies. It is now almost impossible to visualise a world without steel and whether it is used in engines or construction, it plays a part in almost everything we use and make.

Versatility and strength

As regular readers of our blog will know, steel offers unparalleled strength and versatility. The strength-to-weight ratio of steel and its ability to be recycled into new products has helped to make steel the ultimate future-proof product and one that is already playing a crucial role in the circular economy’s development.

Structural steel is so strong because it is an alloy of iron and other material which has had the majority of carbon extracted. Steel has to be strong and as such is available in a wide range of different grades, each of which has its own specific chemical composition and properties, meeting the requirements of different applications.

These days steel is made using two major processes: basic oxygen steel making and electric arc furnace manufacturing. Converters (modern furnaces) have the capability to take up to 350 tonnes of iron ore, coking coal and steel scrap before converting it into steel in just 15 minutes. Electric arc furnaces pass a powerful electric current through cold scrap metal and modern electric arc furnaces having the capability to make up to 150 tonnes of steel at a time.

Molten steel has to be allowed to solidify into basic shapes – slabs, billets or blooms – before it is rolled or formed into finished products. Continuous casting machines are used to draw steel downwards from a mould where it can be automatically cut into the lengths required. To change the shape of a material with the strength of steel, the thickness has to be reduced; resulting in flat or long products.

Although steel has been in production for many hundreds of years, the production process  still continues to develop and evolve in an effort to reduce costs and minimise any impact upon the environment.

Steel products designed, manufactured and installed to meet your specifications

Here at Steelwork Engineering all of the steel work we create is manufactured to the highest standards and to meet CE Marking legislation. This enables us to provide our clients with strong, durable products. If you would like to find out more about the benefits of using structural steel, or to discuss your requirements, please don’t hesitate to get in touch today.


steel educational building construction

Steel – the cornerstone of building for the education sector

Steel buildings for schools and colleges

Designing buildings for the education sector presents a particular set of challenges and requirements. Careful spatial planning is essential and it’s important to ensure that spaces are as flexible and adaptable as possible. In addition, close attention also needs to paid to durability, acoustics and the control of vibrations.

Steel construction is the ideal technique for creating a wide range of educational buildings and is already widely used to build sports halls, lecture theatres, laboratories, class rooms and university halls of residence. Building educational buildings from steel offers the education sector a range of real benefits including:

  • Fast construction: new buildings are completed quickly within one academic year or, in some cases, within the long summer holiday.
  • Flexibility: the space created is ideal for meeting current demands whilst being adaptable enough to evolve with future requirements.
  • Creative spaces: thanks to steel’s exceptional strength-to-weight ratio, steel construction makes it possible to create large, open spaces without the use of support columns.
  • Durability: steel is incredibly durable and steel framed buildings are easy to maintain and keep clean.
  • Ease of insulation: steel-framed buildings can be designed to provide good acoustic performance which is particularly important for the education sector. In addition, services such as heating, lighting and cooling are easily integrated.

Educational buildings designed and built by Steelwork Engineering

At Steelwork Engineering we have decades of experience in the design and construction of steel buildings, including buildings for the education sector. If you would like to find out more about our services, please get in touch by calling 01535 630100 or email

steelwork engineering

Steel – the sustainable building material of the future

Sustainable steel manufacture and construction from Steelwork Engineering

Here at Steelwork Engineering we often discuss the superior sustainability of steel. With this in mind, we thought we’d explore steel’s sustainability and the benefits offers.

The topic of the environment is rarely out of the news these days; especially when it comes to single use, unsustainable materials such as plastic. Plastic water bottles are an obvious example as although they can be recycled and turned into new bottles, the vast majority still end up in landfill sites whilst also polluting our oceans and rivers. Environmental organisations and increasing numbers of governments are keen to put across the point that by buying products which can only be used once to then be thrown away has a significant, negative impact upon the planet. So what are the benefits of manufacturing, using and reusing a sustainable material such as steel?

Steel is used and not consumed

Steel is almost unique in that it is used rather than consumed. This means that in contrast, other materials or products are fit for a single purpose and when that purpose has been fulfilled and the product comes to the end of its natural life, it is thrown away. This analogy can be used to describe anything from a disposable plastic drinking straw to a building such as a warehouse which is constructed, only to be demolished years later. The point is exactly the same for both: each has an end of shelf life.

However, products such as steel are used rather than consumed. Perhaps one of the most significant benefits of steel is that it is completely recyclable. Once it has been made, it can be recycled and then used again and again without loss of quality. It’s this infinite ‘recyclability’ which helps to make steel so sustainable as once it has been manufactured, it can be remade and repurposed indefinitely.

Steel – the facts and figures

Here are some little known facts about steel – some of which might surprise you:

  • 99% of the steel in scrap vehicles has already been recycled.
  • Although 85% of all steel is currently recycled after first use, with the next decade global organisations anticipate that this figure will be much closer to 100%.
  • Despite efficient scrappage and recycling facilities, the demand for steel is continuing to grow at an incredible rate. However, one third of the amount currently used has been recycled.
  • 70% of all steel packaged is recycled in Europe – this is far higher than any other type of packing material.

Contact Steelwork Engineering for more information

Structural steel is the ideal material for use in a wide range of buildings and products, including staircases, mezzanine flooring and fire escapes. We offer a wide range of services covering all aspects of structural steel design, manufacture and installation, designed to provide our clients with sustainable, cost effective solutions. To find out more or to talk through your requirements, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

mezzanine flooring

Expand your business with mezzanine flooring

The advantages of installing mezzanine flooring

Installing a mezzanine floor is an increasingly popular way to increase floor space without the expense of relocating. Considering how simple and cost effective it is to install mezzanine flooring, it’s easy to understand why increasing numbers of businesses are turning to this cost-effective solution.

Perhaps the single biggest benefit of mezzanine flooring is its cost as it can help you extend any existing retail areas or the floor space in an office, factory or industrial unit; without the overheads that come with building or moving to bigger premises.

Here at Steelwork Engineering we design and install mezzanine flooring for businesses and organisations of all sizes, working closely with our clients to create a bespoke solution to meet their requirements.

Mezzanine flooring is extremely versatile but its main applications tend to be:

Mezzanine flooring for storage and production facilities

Ideal for customers who are keen to expand their existing space, mezzanine flooring designed for use in storage and production facilities offers a highly cost-effective way to add additional floor space. Expanding your floor premises with mezzanine flooring will not only help you avoid the huge costs and downtime that come with moving to a new premises, whilst also helping to increase production in a relatively short time frame, whilst keeping disruption to an absolute minimum.

Mezzanine flooring for offices

A great way to create extra space for new employees, installing mezzanine flooring opens up a whole world of possibilities. Perfect for providing floor space for desks, meetings or break-out areas, mezzanine flooring can also be installed above a manufacturing space and in a wide range of business premises.

Mezzanine flooring for retail

Adding a mezzanine floor to a retail premises is a cost efficient way to add value to a property whilst also increasing available display space. Mezzanine flooring installed by Steelwork Engineering in retail buildings has helped our clients increase their product range whilst improving customer’s shopping experience.

Contact Steelwork Engineering for advice on Mezzanine Flooring

Mezzanine flooring offers a wide range of benefits and we have the expertise to design and install flooring tailor made to meet your exact requirements. Our mezzanine flooring is designed and built to last and if you would like to find out more about how it could help you increase your floor space whilst avoiding the costs associated with moving to a larger premises, why not get in touch today?